Entry #6

First animation after 6 months

2008-12-15 18:40:11 by EternalRabbit

So I've just recently posted up my first animation after 6 months and the responses I got really encouraged me. I'm already working on my next project, so be sure to look out for more submissions from me, probably coming some time right after Christmas or in January some time depending on how much the holidays take me away from my work.


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2008-12-16 06:15:49

Long time, and good luck with the next one!

EternalRabbit responds:

thanks mate!


2012-03-01 01:18:29

I'm really glad you're still animating, because you're good at it, especially with simple characters and mouth movements, which is a good combination. You should really do a voice acting demo submission, or lat least enter the "Super Hero Contest" they have listed up on the front page - your last work had a nice clean 'n clear sound and with your talent, I'm sure you'd be in the top 5.