So I've just recently posted up my first animation after 6 months and the responses I got really encouraged me. I'm already working on my next project, so be sure to look out for more submissions from me, probably coming some time right after Christmas or in January some time depending on how much the holidays take me away from my work.

Regarding Animating

2008-10-08 23:25:56 by EternalRabbit

kay... so lately i've been really busy, what with school and working, but hopefully i plan to get back to the animation i left pending earlier this year and finish that... i also have some new scripts i wrote and some new ideas, so whoever i looking to see more from me, expect to see some new work coming up shortly!

k, so i've just finished a small clock movie that I made just to get back into the swing of things... i've been so busy with work lately, i haven't had anytime to do ANY animation or writing whatsoever cuz i'm so exhausted after work... anyway, i hope to have my next movie, (which i've been planning for the last year or so), finished and hosted on newgrounds within the next couple of weeks! hopefully i pull through with this this time...

My next movie...

2008-03-13 21:24:41 by EternalRabbit

Kay... so my next movie (which will probably be my best) isn't coming along so very good... and i just figured that i have to pay my vehicle insurance this week, so my wacom tablet will have to wait another month or so... and basically, life is really being mean to me right now.... :(

anime movies

2008-02-14 00:07:33 by EternalRabbit

i'm starting to animate anime movies now, though not entirely... i'm in the process of switching over from my old style... so all you anime fans, expect to see more anime movies from me in the future ;P

It's good to be back!

2007-12-27 22:57:12 by EternalRabbit

I'm back making movies again... finally, after what? 11 months!